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Veg Bag
Veg bag scheme

Join the Windmill Community Gardens Chemical Free Veg Bag Scheme for a delicious selection of weekly vegetables grown at our Market Garden in Margate, and farms local to Margate. We deliver on a weekly basis to your chosen delivery address (within the Thanet area) on a Thursday afternoon.

We currently have one bag size available which contains 6 varieties for £8 per week. If you would like to sign up please fill in the form below, or, if you have any questions, please, please get in touch.

sign up
Please provide a delivery address for the bag to be delivered.
If you're not in when we deliver, where would you like us to leave your veg bag safely?

You can also start a direct debit for this by using this GoCardless link:


If you're not able to or you're having problems, we'll be able to help you with that when we receive your sign up through the form above.
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