Jerusalem Artichokes (600g)


A 600g selection of Jerusalem Artichokes

This vegetable is not truly an artichoke but a variety of sunflower with a lumpy brown-skinned tuber that often resembles a ginger root. Its white flesh is nutty, sweet and crunchy, and is a good source of iron.

The artichoke flesh will discolour if exposed to air, so place the peeled vegetable in a bowl of acidulated water (cold water with a squeeze of lemon juice or dash of white wine vinegar) until ready to cook. Because they are so knobbly, its easier to peel artichoke after boiling.

Jerusalem artichoke can be cooked in much the same way as potatoes or parsnips, and are excellent roasted, sautéed, dipped in batter and fried or pureed into a delicious soup.

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A 600g selection of Jerusalem artichokes.