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Vegetable Plant
Globe Artichoke Plant (Large)
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A young Globe Artichoke plant- Cynara scolymus. A tall perennial plant that is grown for its large edible flower buds which can be steamed or boiled. The 'leaves' are then pulled individually from the bud the broken end dipped in butter and eaten, the tip is then discarded. When left to bloom it is highly ornamental with stunning vivid purple flowers on tall stems that are beneficial to insects. The plant can grow to 2m high and it has arching, deeply lobed, silvery, grey, green leaves  50–83 cm. It will grow well in most well-drained soils but prefers a sunny spot that sheltered from the wind. Plant 1m apart and water during dry spells and while the plant establishes. They are sometimes grown in pots as a structural plant. Back to the shop
Globe Artichoke Plant (Medium Sized)
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A mid sized plant of globe artichoke. Back to the shop
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